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A Trace of Smoke Excerpt 6

“Still raining, I see.” Fritz pointed to my dripping umbrella. I’d forgotten I still held it. He closed the office door. “Washes the dog shit off the sidewalks.” I forced a laugh that tore my lungs. The weather remained our favorite joke, Fritz and mine. We jested […]


A Trace of Smoke Excerpt 5

Fritz held the door open, and I nodded my thanks.  He was the kindly husband of my oldest friend, and I feared that he would recognize the photograph too, if he studied it closely. He must not suspect that Ernst was dead. My identity papers, and Ernst’s, […]


A Trace of Smoke Excerpt 4

Hannah!” called a booming voice. Without turning, I recognized the baritone of Fritz Waldheim, a policeman at Alexanderplatz. A voice that had never before frightened me. “Here for the reports?” I drew my hand back from the photograph and cleared my throat. “Of course,” I called. My […]


A Trace of Smoke Excerpt 3

NEWS: Still hard at work on the trailer. I hope to have something to show for it in early June. EXCERPT: My fingers touched the cool glass that covered the image, aching to touch the young man himself.  I had not seen him naked since I’d bathed […]


A Trace of Smoke Excerpt 2

NEWS: Am working hard on putting together a book trailer for the book. Just trying to scare up some images for it. EXCERPT: My eyes darted to the words under the photograph that had called to me.  Fished from the water by a sightseeing boat the morning […]


A Trace of Smoke Excerpt 1

Welcome to my blog, gentle readers! I will be posting news about my novel A TRACE OF SMOKE and weekly excerpts until the novel is release in May 2009. Hope you enjoy it! NEWS: I delivered the second book in the series, A NIGHT OF LONG KNIVES, […]

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