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Ghost of Christmas Past

After a hearty breakfast overlooking the ocean and watching the spinner dolphins (and seeing my first whale of the season), I trotted home and saw an old blog post on Facebook. The original seems to be gone, but I dug it out of my files and decided […]


Have You Ever Been Through a Big Storm?

Remember watching the recent hurricanes on the news as they swept across Texas, Florida, the British Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico? Or maybe you didn’t just watch them, maybe you hunkered down in your home or in a shelter and watched them firsthand. I watched it on the […]


Inside the Narrator’s Studio: A Trace of Smoke

I’ve been trying to get an audio version of A Trace of Smoke created for years, but only recently re-acquired the rights. Then I faced my first quandary: should Hannah have a German accent when she speaks English? An American one? Or a British one? I decided […]


An interview from beyond the void

Today I’m turning over my blog to my son, Maxwell Cantrell, so he can talk to the narrator of his new audiobook. Take it away, Max! Many audiobooks exist, yet few contain such glorious vocalizations as A Tale of Gods Mortals and Jell-O Shooters as voiced by Christopher […]


Things Writers Talk About: Coolest Ways to Kill a Character?

I’m part of a group of mystery writers in the Dark Crimes Storybundle, and I put this question to them: ‘what’s the coolest way you ever killed someone?’ I followed that up with ‘in a book, of course, in a book.’ None of them were the slightest […]


Hannah Vogel is BACK!

At the end of A City of Broken Glass, *spoiler alert* Hannah Vogel was driving out of Switzerland with her son Anton at her side, and Lars Lang was bleeding in the back of the truck with Frau Doktor Spiegel. Berlin was in flames behind them and […]


Top 10 Smartest Women on Star Trek

I just got back from Hawaii Con, where Kandyse McClure challenged the audience to write a blog post about the 10 smartest women on Star Trek. Never one to back down from a writing challenge, and agreeing that such a thing should exist in the world, I […]


What If The Patriots Hired This Crime Fiction Hero To Investigate Their Next Draft Choice?

Today I’m putting up a guest post from the talented mystery writer, Bruce DeSilva, winner of both the Edgar and Macavity awards also know by the less fancy title of “that guy who did the photo series of writers reading his books.” His latest novel, The Dread […]


Demon of Rock and Roll

This blog is going to have quite a soundtrack! In your novel, Wannabes, you talk about the lack of good music in Hell and how it drives a bureaucratic demon named Murmur to come to Earth to do bad things. In the spirit of that, what song would […]


Cute little dogs and asparagus–finding comedy in the everyday

  When Sean Black and I decided to do an audiobook of the Sofia Salgado series we knew we wanted a special narrator–a performer who could read the books without blushing and bring out the humor in Sofia’s wacky life. We had a lot of auditions that […]

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