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Hannah Vogel is BACK!

At the end of A City of Broken Glass, *spoiler alert* Hannah Vogel was driving out of Switzerland with her son Anton at her side, and Lars Lang was bleeding in the back of the truck with Frau Doktor Spiegel. Berlin was in flames behind them and it was unclear how or if they’d get out. Then…nothing happened…for five long years.

That’s why I am SO EXCITED to announce that Hannah Vogel is back! The books have been reissued, newly-covered, and repriced to reach a wider audience. Even better, I’m working on a Hannah Vogel short story for the first time in half a decade and after that work will begin on a brand new Hannah Vogel novel, where we will discover that Hannah and her crew made it safely out of Germany and into Switzerland and…well, let’s just say she got right back into trouble! I can’t tell you anything more than that, except it will all be revealed in 2018!

I’m doing the happy dance over here in Hawaii!!!

If you haven’t read the Hannah Vogel novels yet, this is the perfect time to start. In case you’re curious about the new books, here are the new covers. What’s your favorite?



We first meet Hannah in Berlin in 1931. She’s going about her day as a crime reporter when she spots her brother’s picture in the Hall of the Unnamed Dead. He’s been murdered, and she cannot rest until she finds out who killed him. Her search leads her through the cabaret, a sexy banker with secrets of his own, the police station, anti-Semitic protests, and into the tops ranks of the rising Nazi party.




Hannah is on board a zeppelin from South America to Switzerland when it is diverted into Germany on the eve of the 1934 purge that would come to be known as the Night of the Long Knives. When Hannah is separated from Anton, she risks everything to get him back. Along the way she bears witness to the deaths of many young men and the ones they have left behind, tries to comfort a grieving widow, endangers the man she loves, and finds an unlikely ally.





Now working as a spy for the British, Hannah comes back to Berlin for the 1936 Olympics. During the opening ceremony, her mentor, Peter Weill, dies in her arms. His death pulls her into a deadly conspiracy where those she trusts–and those she loves–are the most dangerous foes of all.




While investigating the plight of Jewish refugees in Poland, Hannah is arrested and brought back to Berlin on the eve of the November pogrom of 1938, an event often referred to as Kristalnacht. Adrift in a city she barely recognizes, Hannah tries to find one lost Jewish girl and save herself and Anton from a deadly fate in the powerful Third Reich. Her only ally, and onetime lover, is a man she once trusted who betrayed her. With the lives of everyone she loves at stake, she can’t afford a single mistake.

  1. I think I like the 1st one best…and the 3rd…

  2. I love these books! I’m so excited that you are coming out with a new Hannah Vogel book. 2018 just got better!!

  3. Rebecca! I just started a Trace of Smoke yesterday and I read all evening and well into the early morning hours. It’s such a compelling read! Looking forward to the next book in the series.

    Best wishes.

  4. I really enjoy your Tesla series, but the Vogel series is crazy hard to put down! I’m glad that I just finished the 4th book and don’t have to wait interminably long for the 5th. Thank you for researching things so carefully and for creating such vivid characters. Can’t wait for the short story or book 5! Thanks in advance for them!

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