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A Trace of Smoke Excerpt 19

Still, Ernst thought those brown shirts and chocolate-colored shorts quite fetching.  He’d only dated much older men.  I had hoped that he would end up with a nice girl, in the end.  Loving men was dangerous, and I would have shielded him from that danger if I […]


A Trace of Smoke Excerpt 18

A tiny scrap of red silk stuck out from under the flap of the box, and I stroked it with my fingers.  One of Ernst’s handkerchiefs.  I’d taught him to sew.  We’d hemmed many handkerchiefs together, always red and always, when he could afford it, silk.   […]


Welcome to Amazon!

After all this waiting my book is finally on Amazon! I thought I’d let people see what other authors are saying about “A Trace of Smoke:” “A compelling and human story that captures brilliantly the atmosphere of Berlin during the rise of the Nazis.” —  Anne Perry, […]


A Trace of Smoke Excerpt 17

“When did you last see Ernst?”  I tried to remember the date under the photograph.  The body was found Saturday. “Friday night.”  Rudolf sniffed.  “Not that it concerns you.  Or me since he abandoned me for that youth.” “You let him leave the bar with a stranger?”  […]


A Trace of Smoke Excerpt 16

NEWS: I’m off to LA this week for Shriekfest! Hopefully THE HUMANITARIAN will knock ’em dead and suck their blood. Or something.  EXCERPT:I leaned backward to look at Rudolf.  Thirty centimeters taller than me, and he always stood too close.  He never forgave me for despising him, […]


A Trace of Smoke Excerpt 15

NEWS: I just found out that my vampire screenplay THE HUMANITARIAN is a finalist in Shriekfest 2008: The Los Angeles Horror/Sci-Fi Film Festival! EXCERPT: CHAPTER 2: A burst of humid air hit my face as two teenage boys pried open the doors of the moving train.  The train […]


A Trace of Smoke Excerpt 14

NEWS: Back to “A Trace of Smoke,” for those of you who are following the novel. I hope you liked the “Coffee” excerpt too. You should be able to get it at a bookstore near you by mid-October.  EXCERPT: Outside, a gust of wind tried to rip […]


Coffee short story excerpt

NEWS: I just received the cover art for MISSING, the anthology where my short story COFFEE will appear in October 2008.  Today instead of more SMOKE, I decided to paste in a bit of COFFEE. Hope you like it! Comments, as always, are welcome.  COFFEE EXCERPT: It […]


A Trace of Smoke Excerpt 13

“I apologize in advance if there’s anything inaccurate.  My editor has a leaden touch.” Kommissar Lang handed me a pen.  “Come to my office and sign it.”  He gestured back down the hallway, past the photograph of Ernst.  If I followed him, I knew that he would […]


A Trace of Smoke Excerpt 12

I turned and marched back down the hall, willing myself not to glance at the photograph.  If I did not look, perhaps it would not be true. “Fraulein Vogel,” called Kommissar Lang.  I heard him sprinting after me. Something was amiss.  Would he demand to see my […]

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