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Give my creation life!

Today I think I can quote the line from Mel Brooks’s “Young Frankenstein,” because today I have pushed my own little monster into the world. iFrankenstein is now on Amazon! I’m doing the 90 day Kindle Select Program, so everyone on other platforms (including those waiting for […]


Why I left the sunny skies of Hawaii for the gray days in Berlin. Crazy?

by Rebecca Cantrell I’ve been strangely silent since I moved to Berlin. Strange for me, anyway. . Maybe it’s the stresses of packing a house that we lived in for a decade, winnowing it down to a storage room and a couple of suitcases, and hopping on […]


Mysterious Blonde from the 1930s?

by Rebecca Cantrell Thank you, Hilary, for loaning me your spot today to celebrate today’s paperback release of “A Game of Lies,” complete with a bright, shiny new cover. Yup, that it’s over there. For the first time, the books have a recognizable face on them. But […]


Terror of the Blank Page

by Rebecca Cantrell First off, happy New Year! In the tail end of 2011 I had a writing exercise included in the writing book Now Write: Mysteries: Suspense, Crime, Thriller, and Other Mystery Fiction Exercises from Today’s Best Writers and Teachers (no, I don’t know how I […]


Learning to write?

Where did I learn to write? By reading. Reading. And then some more reading. When I was a kid I read a novel just about every day, and I miss having the time to do that. Now I’m lucky if I get one novel finished a week. […]


Writerly Things I’m Thankful For

What am I thankful for in my writing? by Rebecca Cantrell *warning* There will be much sloppy emotion ahead. If that sort of thing bothers you, click away now. Also, there will be some really long lists that you can skim. *end warning* Everything. I’m ridiculously grateful […]


Scooby Doo Meets the Writers of 7 Criminal Minds. Yoiks!

We are a group, so we have to dress up together. It’s not easy finding something with a large enough ensemble cast with a mystery theme, but I’ll do my best. So, drum roll…we are going as The Scooby Doo Gang. First off, the Doo family: Scooby […]


Toast to Bouchercon

. By Rebecca Cantrell . . Everyone is going to Bouchercon this week but me. Not strictly speaking true, because there are a billion people in China who never even heard of Boucheron, plus nearly everyone I know who isn’t a writer or a mystery fan. But […]


Blending in with a Cult?

By Rebecca Cantrell . . Hannah Vogel does manage to infiltrate the cult of all cults: the Nazi party. Let’s run through the cult checklist: overbearing leader, fanatical devotion, mind control, serious consequences if you leave, questions or doubts strongly discouraged. Yes, on all counts. . . […]

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